Textured Vegetable Proteins TVP

Textured Vegetable Proteins TVP

Vegan meat analogues and High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC)

Plant based protein food is a game changer in today’s nutrition and plays an increasing role in a healthy diet and in a sustainable planet. High moisture meat analogues (HMMA) and textured vegetable proteins (TVP, also textured soy protein or soy meat) have become a widely accepted and tasty alternative to meat. Gericke equipment operates in the raw material and recipe management, in the extrusion process and in the downstream finishing like flavour addition and marination.

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Textured Vegetable Proteins TVP
Textured Vegetable Proteins TVP

Continuous Mixing for Better Taste!

Marination is pivotal for plant-based meat products as it greatly enhances their taste, tenderness, and juiciness. By infusing them with flavorful blends of herbs, spices, acids, and oils, marination not only adds depth but also tenderizes the protein, making it more enjoyable to eat. This process helps retain moisture during cooking, preventing dryness, and creates a protective layer for improved appearance and texture. Ultimately, marination plays a crucial role in making plant-based meats more appealing and comparable to traditional animal-derived meats.

The continuous mixers from Gericke are a perfect fit for this crucial process step. The Gericke process combines the precise feeding of the ingredients with gentle but highly effective and fast mixing.

Accurate feeding into extrusion process

Feeding and continuous mixing to the extruder

Gericke equipment integrates perfectly with all types of extruders. Pnematic conveying, gravimetric feeders and continuous mixers deliver the correct recipe reliably to the extruder. In applications with frequent cleaning requirements (allergens, flavours) the TCM Turbo Compact Mixer is an additional step up in the efficiency.

This step can be highly automated, additionally adding to your product quality and keeping production costs under control.

Accurate feeding into extrusion process
Raw material for TVP and HMMA production

Sifting for foreign body removal

Gericke integrates equipment for the metal detection and foreign body removal before raw material is entering into the production process. This protects your process, helps to avoid product recalls and reduces food waste.

Together with Gericke’s FIBC and sack tip stations, de-agglomerators and conveying technologies we can cover all powder and bulk handling aspects in a safe and efficient way.

Gentle pneumatic conveying

The preservation of the material texture and appearance is key in this process. With Gericke’s experience in gentle conveying applying dense phase technology you have a safe, hygienic and energy efficient solution.

Even fragile materials like rice grains or expanded ingredients keep their size and structure, without breakage or fine dust creation.

Gentle pneumatic conveying system

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