Test Centres

Powder processing trials on original equipment

Bulk handling tests with your materials on an industrial scale reduce planning time and increase process safety. In our test centers you can pneumatically convey your bulk material over more than 200 meter! Or you conduct mixing trials on the highest capacity continuous mixing system in a test center anywhere in the world. These types of tests will give you results you really can rely on.

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Testing and project design with competence

We offer you all-round services until project completion. Our specialists have profound know-how and can provide you with target-oriented support.

Test centre
Test centre

Reduce planning time and increase process safety!

Test centres in Switzerland, France, England, Brazil, USA and Singapore are available for customer tests under near-production conditions. The test centres are equipped with original machines. Experienced specialists design the test layout according to your wishes and perform the tests.

Customised trials enable you to confirm that a desired process setup will deliver what is required. Not only does this reduce the risk but it can often reduce the commissioning and evaluation time later in the project.

Feeding trial at Gericke test centre

How can the test centres help you?

  • Testing of machines and prototypes with your materials and products
  • Checking of performance ranges and accuracies
  • Testing of the interaction of multiple machines
  • Gaining of experience for product processing
  • Sampling for laboratory tests and market response
  • Powder analysis on our Rheometer
  • Customer training
Feeding trial at Gericke test centre
Preparation for conveying trial
Preparation for conveying trial

Remote trials

The use of video streaming and conferencing systems also allows for detailed tests without the need to be physically present. All meetings can be done via conferencing tools. You will get the product samples for analysis in your laboratory. Save time and travel expenses!

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