Gravimetric Feeding

Gravimetric Feeding

Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Whether feeding into a continuous mixer, a rotary kiln or any other process, accurate metering of bulk solids is key to process control and ensures highest product quality standards. 

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Weighing systems with direct load measurement

A robust, yet simplified design does not need to come at the cost of reduced accuracy. Gericke’s loss-in-weight feeders with direct load measurement present the most economic and efficient way to gravimetrically feed bulk materials. 


  • Compact platform-type weighing system using a high-resolution electromagnetic force compensation digital load cell
  • Combinable with Gericke’s FEEDOS S models and GZD twin-screw feeders 
  • Hopper sizes from 5-30 dm3
  • High-end versions specifically designed to meet the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industry
GAC 207 with 100 dm3 hopper in DIW-3E weighing frame


  • High-precision weighing system with 3 load cells 
  • Combinable with Gericke’s FEEDOS S, GDU and GAC types and Gericke’s GVD vibro feeders
  • Hopper sizes from 30-2000 dm3 depending on feeder type
  • Hygienic design versions specifically adapted to the requirements of the food and chemical industry
  • Special version for feeding fruits and raisins
GVD vibro feeder on a DIW-KE tare-compensated platform scale

Hybrid weighing systems with tare-compensated load measurement

Gericke’s gravimetric feeders with a tare-compensated weighing system are perfectly suited for applications where emphasis is put on both highest accuracy and exceptional robustness. Because the dead load of the feeder is mechanically compensated, the whole load cell range is available for measuring the weight of the bulk material only. Due to our unique spring-damper system, vibrations are filtered before they even reach the load cell. Thus, Gericke’s hybrid loss-in-weight feeders are especially suited to feeding bulk materials with a low bulk density in challenging environments.


  • Compact platform-type weighing system with tare-compensation for smaller feed rates
  • Easy-to-clean and hygienic design
  • Combinable with Gericke’s FEEDOS S models and GVD vibro feeders
  • Hopper sizes from 5-30 dm3
Tare-compensated DIW-E-GDU 610-550VR loss-in-weight feeder


  • Tare-compensated weighing system for medium, up to very high, feed rates
  • Combinable with Gericke’s GAC and GDU models 
  • Hopper sizes from 300-2000 dm3 depending on feeder type
Gravimetric Feeding

Feeding and mixing system

Gericke gravimetric feeders guarantee highest accuracy for all loss-in-weight feeding applications.

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