RotaSafe Detection System

Rotary Valves
RotaSafe Detection System

Instant contact detection to protect your process

The rotor protection system RotaSafe is designed to instantly detect any contact between the rotor and valve housing while at the same time sending a signal to the panel to isolate power to the drive motor. It will primarily be of interest to customers where product contamination due to metal to metal contact is a significant issue.

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Sistema Detezione Rotore

Your advantages with RotaSafe

  • Prevents valve material shedding into and therefore contaminating the product being handled 
  • Protects valve components from serious damage
  • Prevents valve start-up if assembled incorrectly 
  • Prevents damage to ATEX Autonomous Protection System Valves which can lead to invalidation of ATEX certification
  • Validated as ‘Simple Apparatus’ by our notified body (Baseefa) by complying with clause 5.7 of EN60079-11.2012
  • The control panel is programmed to eliminate ‘nuisance tripping’
  • Control Module is available for panel mounting or in stand-alone panels for one or multiple valve installations
  • Signals indicate: Contact Detection – Power On/Off – Detection Circuit Failure 
  • Can be retrofitted to existing rotary valves
Rotor detection system

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