Infant and dietary nutrition

Major producers of nutritional products trust in Gericke technology for the formulation and dry mixing of infant, adult and dietary nutrition and supplementation. Highest recipe accuracy, traceability and automation ensure constant quality. Processes include the gravimetric feeding and mixing of base powder with minerals, trace elements, probiotic supplements and flavours.

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Infant Nutrition

Mixers with extractable drive

The extractable drives of our mixers give maximum access for fast and easy cleaning and inspection.

Extractable Rotary Valve

Use our experience

Our vast experience in design and installation will benefit you in every step of the process layout, from the ingredient reception to the formulation phase and filling lines. Gericke’s network of nutrition producers have helped us develop our skillset, productivity, and efficacy. “Safety first” guides our activities in respect to recipe consistency, foreign body prevention, operator safety, and hygienic standards.

Extractable Rotary Valve

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