Volumetric Feeding

Volumetric Feeding

High-precision volumetric dosing

Accurate and reliable feeding of bulk materials is at the heart of many processes. Gericke volumetric feeders combine a precise volumetric material flow and a high degree of flexibility. Often, they are the most economic choice for applications which do not require the exceptional accuracy of loss-in-weight feeders.

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Volumetric Feeding

Easy cleaning option for GERICKE feeders

Gericke volumetric feeders offer highest accuracy and class-leading flexibility, also in cleaning.

FEEDOS S Volumetric Feeder

FEEDOS volumetric feeder series

The FEEDOS series is the newest member of Gericke’s volumetric feeder family. It combines high-accuracy volumetric feeding with a modular and compact design that allows for quick disassembly and easy cleaning. Its optimised geometry guarantees stable and reliable product flow - even for bulk materials which are difficult to handle, such as cohesive or easily fluidisable powders.

Highlights at a glance

  • Feed rate range 0.5 – 550 dm3/h (FEEDOS S) and 20 - 3'600 dm3/h (FEEDOS M)
  • High feeding accuracy, even for poorly flowing bulk materials
  • Special sealing concept on FEEDOS M for containment or WIP/CIP applications
  • Modular design – simple to dismantle and easy to clean
  • High flexibility due to a wide range of feeding tool lengths
  • Newly developed hopper connection to simplify mounting
  • Available with or without a horizontal intromitter
  • High-end versions specifically designed to meet the demands of the food and pharmaceutical industry

Available types

FEEDOS S Volumetric Feeder
GDU 451

GDU volumetric feeder series

Gericke’s GDU series combines high-precision volumetric feeding with excellent residue removal. GDU feeders cover a broad range of applications in numerous industries due to their versatility. Whether it’s about feeding free-flowing pellets or fine, cohesive powders – GDU feeders have proven their capabilities in thousands of installations.

GAC highlights at a glance

  • Feed rate range 3 – 37’000 dm3/h (depending on type)

  • Feed rate range can be easily adapted without changing the feeding chamber
  • Superior feeding accuracy 
  • Built to last
  • Wide range of different feeding tool lengths

  • Especially suited for heavy-duty applications
  • EasyClean version for fast and easy cleaning optionally available (only for GAC 232)


Available types

  • GAC 207
  • GAC 232

GDU highlights at a glance

  • Feed rate range 3 – 54’000 dm3/h (depending on type)
  • Optimised feeding chamber geometry ensures high feeding accuracy and low product residues 
  • Robust and hygienic design
  • Wide range of different feeding tool lengths
  • EasyClean version for fast and easy cleaning optionally available
  • Special version for feeding fruits and raisins


Available types

  • GDU 301, GDU 401  (without horizontal intromitter)
  • GDU 201, GDU 451, GDU 610 (with horizontal intromitter)
Feeder GAC 207

GAC volumetric feeder series

The GAC series features a unique design with intromitter and feeding screw being concentrically aligned. Thus, even powders with the most challenging flow properties can be fed accurately and reliably. GAC feeders are especially suited for heavy-duty applications, for example in the chemical and minerals industries.

Feeder GAC 207

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