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Example of installed fittings

Hygienic, waterproof, no dead zones

On traditional flexible sleeves mounted with hose clamps, a product retention zone is created between the flexible connection and the rigid tubing on which the hose clamp rests. This can be critical in food and pharmaceutical processes. The BFM design prevents the emergence of this dead zone.

Installed fittings


  • Perfectly waterproof
  • Hygienic and no dead zones
  • Food grade Polyurethane (other materials on request)
  • Easy to replace
  • Diameters from 100 to 650 mm
Fitting installation

Clean, easy and safe to operate

The fitting is tight even on very fine powders. This keeps your production environment clean and limits the risk of creating hazardous areas.
The attachment of the flexible sleeve resists the pressure shocks observed during a dust explosion.
Each tubing diameter corresponds to a single fitting sleeve size. This makes it very easy for maintenance teams to supply the right sleeve without having to go through a prior verification or adaptation phase on the industrial installation.

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