Fluidizes materials in bins, hoppers and silos, without damaging vibrations

The most effective aeration of dry bulk materials is typically achieved by the use of four rows of Bin Aerators, one row located in each quadrant of the slopping bin bottom.

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Bin Aerator Versions

Principle of Operation

The single bin aerator operates by continuously introducing air into a mass of stored powder. When first conveyed into a storage vessel, the powder is a highly aerated mixture of air and particulate. In this state, the mixture flows quite easily. As the material settles, the particulate and air separate. The material decreases in volume and increases in density (it packs), and in turn it begins to behave like one solid mass rather than a fluid mixture of particles. The bin areator replaces the naturally lost air and increases and maintains the air-to-particulate mixture ratio, thus allowing the material to flow.

Bin Aerator


  • Typical effective radius of 300 mm (12 inches)
  • Easy to mount with optional external mounting plate
  • Compact and low cost with virtually no maintenance
  • Available in cast iron or 316 stainless steel
  • Black Neoprene boot or optional white FDA Neoprene boot

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