Electrical Automation Engineer

Electrical Automation Engineer

We are a globally well-known bulk material technology company, incorporated 1894, with headquarters in Regensdorf/Zurich (Switzerland) and subsidiaries in Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Singapore, Indonesia and USA.

We manufacture machines and plants for engineering processes, in particular pneumatic conveying systems, feeding and mixing plants. Our customers are renowned companies of the food industry, chemical industry, construction chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors.

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Electrical Automation Engineer

Job Title 职位: Electrical Automation Engineer 电气自动化工程师

Department 部门: Project Engineering 项目工程部

Reporting to 汇报对象: Project Engineering Manager 参照公司权限说明

Authority Level 权限: As defined by the Company Authority Manual 参照公司权限说明

Responsibility 基本职责

  • Design of Electrical,cost control and supplier management for electrical components. 项目电气控制设计、成本预算、供应商制造管理
  • Define electrical components specification, communication / discussion with related colleague and departments. 电气规格描述定义,内部相关部门沟通
  • Design electrical function description system; Define FAT criteria and do validation. 电气控制设计和确认;验收标准的定义和实施
  • Involves field installation, commissioning. 参与现场项目的安装、调试等
  • Make electrical control documentations for each project and files. 电气文档的制作和归档
  • Technical support for customers, troubleshooting, fault analysis and customer training. 客户技术支持:故障排除和故障原因的分析、技术培训等
  • The other tasks company assigns. 其他公司安排任务

Skill 技能

  • Involve project execution and project management. 有参与系统项目的实施和管理经验
  • Be adapt for pressure and multi-tasks; Communicate with teams and departments. 能够适应压力,参与多项目的多任务工作;参与部门的沟通、协调
  • Field service for installation, commissioning and customer training. 现场服务经验,包括安装、调试、培训等;有一定的动手能力,参与设备安装、电气安装、现场调试以及售后服务
  • Fluent English in speaking, reading and writing. 英语说些流利
  • Self-management, self- motivation for new technology. 自我管理强,自我学习新技术,提升业务能力
  • Need frequent traveling for field service. 需要经常出差参与现场调试和客户服务

Qualifications 资格要求

  • Education 教育:
  • Diploma above, majored in Electrical Automation, Electronics-Mechanic or related majors. 大专以上,电气自动化专业、机电自动化或相关类似专业
  • Experience 经验:
  • More than 3 years experience in electrical automation, especially for powder handling system for food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries; Familiar with feeding, mixing and pneumatic conveying process etc. 三年以上电气自动化设计经验,特别有粉体工程项目的在化工、食品及相关行业应用的经验,包含输送、计量喂料、混合等经验
  • Be good at electrical control application, including VFD control, varieties of sensors, pneumatic components etc. 熟悉电气控制应用,包含变频控制、各种传感器、气动元件、风 机等应用
  • Familiar with PLC programming for PLC from Siemens or AB,HMI programming and SCADA system; Be independent to program / commissioning the automation control system with 3 years experience at least; 熟悉PLC 编程(西门子和AB)和人机界面以及上位机SCADA 控制系统;有三年以上的编程经验,能够独立参与项目的编程、调试;
  • Able to design the MCC and FCP. 熟悉电控柜设计、电气回路设计

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