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If you are looking for an enthusiastic team with a great track record of successful project executions in Latin America, then you should stop here.

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A strong local management team in Brazil
A strong local management team in Brazil

A strong local management team!

The expertise and number of successfully completed powder processing projects influence the strength of a company. Our management team with Henrique Cunha, Alexandre Venancio, Barbara Luna, Rodrigo Silva and Gerson Azuma are the backbone upon which many customers rely.

Team Gericke Brazil

Technology and Culture

It is not only the knowledge from our Brasilian team, but also the unique culture and spirit, which contribute to the value of our supplies and fruitful project work.

Team Gericke Brazil

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South America – Brazil

Gericke Brasil Ltda
Rodrigo Silva
Rua Itapiranga, 112
Bairro Vila Floresta
Santo André-SP, Brasil
CEP 09050-240
Tel: +55 11 2598 2669
[email protected]

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